Tips for New Runners

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Tips for New Runners

Post by mish » Sun Sep 18, 2011 11:24 pm

Some tips are given to new runners over and over again. Therefore, we got together and made a list of things we would really like new runners to know. This list is by no means complete, and will possibly evolve over time. Please take it in the spirit it was intended, which is to help you begin your running journey. Everyone won't agree with all of the advice given, and may feel that something vital was left out. If you would like to add to the list, please pm Briandk, Knoddie, or mish.

Thanks to all of the fabulous runners who helped compile this list!

Tip #1: SLOW DOWN! Now that you've slowed down - SLOW DOWN EVEN MORE!! This program is not a race - it's for getting your body used to running - speed comes later. You will always be faster than you were just sitting on your butt!!

Tip #2: Repeat days/weeks if necessary - nobody's watching and nobody is going to hold you accountable if you can't complete a certain week (except you).

#2B Walking is not failing. In fact, entire programs/methods are based upon walking.

Tip #3: A lot of running, especially when you are a new runner, is mental. Tell yourself you can do it and you will.

Tip #4: BRAG about your accomplishments to anyone that will listen: friends, family, strangers on the street, Facebook friends, start a blog - and of course - post here!!

Tip #5: Get your butt to a real running store and get your gait analyzed and your shoes properly fitted. Do not be afraid to return shoes that don't feel right or cause you any pain - as many times as necessary to get it right. Most real running stores have a great return policy.

Tip #6: Cotton is rotten!! Get yourself some running clothes - anything that's not made out of cotton. Cotton will hold sweat, become heavy and will chafe you in areas you won't believe (and would never want chaffed!!) Running apparel can be found inexpensively at places like Target, Meijer, Wal-Mart. You do not need to buy a $50 running tee (unless you've earned it!!)
#6B: Buying a lot of expensive gear is not necessary right away. Give it some time to realize how much you love it before you spend too much. Tech gear can be worn to do any exercise and hopefully if you don’t love running and become addicted like a lot of crazy souls on here you are still doing something else.

Tip #7: Follow the plan as written. Don't try to run more than every other day - your body needs the down time to rebuild. On your off-days, do things that don't involve running at all: yoga, weights, swimming, biking, elliptical or even a nice walk. Allow your body time to get accustomed to the abuse you are putting it through - it will thank you in the end.

Tip #8: The scales LIE!! All they are is a number and nothing more. You will lose many inches and your clothes will feel looser, but that damn scale will sometimes refuse to budge! Ignore it!!

Tip #9: Forget about having a perfect running form. The key right now is to get out there and run, not to do it perfectly. As BarbaraT says, watch a toddler run. They don’t lengthen their stride. They lean very slightly forward and gravity makes them step faster, not longer. Baby steps, baby!

Tip#10: Track your progress. There are so many ways to do this. If you don’t know how, ask! You will be able to see how far you’ve come!

Tip #11: Respect your body. Little pains can turn into big problems so listen to what your body is telling you.

Tip#12: Do your research about stretching. There are many schools of thought and much debate on this subject. Read everything you can and then decide what is best for you.

Tip #13: If you run outside with headphones, keep the volume low so you can hear what is around you.

Tip#14: None of us here are your physician. None of us here are your trainer. We are not giving medical advice. Our advice, such as it is, is meant to be in the spirit of one starting runner to another, based upon our subjective experiences.

Tip#15: Ask questions. We are all here to help each other. No question is a stupid one. And read what has already been asked. It might help you.

Tip#16: Keep a log of your runs and distance. Even if it is an estimate. If you continue to run after C25K you will really appreciate that you did it.

Tip #17: Have fun!!
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