Gildan tee shirts

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Gildan tee shirts

Post by kd5nrh » Tue Sep 02, 2014 5:28 pm

At least locally, the lightweight "Dri-Fit" (last one didn't have a Dri-Fit logo, but it's identical otherwise) Gildan tee shirts in fluorescent yellow have been on clearance at WalMart. Got one for $3 (IIRC, regular price is only $7) while they're making room for winter clothes. (Thanks a lot, Bentonville; temps are still in the 90s here, and they're clogging the clothing section with sweatshirts and coats.) If you can still find your size, these things are great for running, and they match my running cap.

I usually iron on some reflector tape on the shirts as well, (hottest non-steam setting on the iron seems to work fine for them) since I walk and run at night to avoid some of the Texas heat. Check the sewing section at WalMart for visibility tape (orange or yellow green with a reflector strip down the middle) or get this stuff if you want it to be softer: ... 48994.html The yellow Dritz blends in almost perfectly with one of my yellow shirts, and the gray looks intentional on the back of my gray everyday shoes. Add on reflective shoelaces and I seem to be pretty visible to traffic.

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