Pace+, a very useful app!

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Pace+, a very useful app!

Post by Vassilis » Thu Aug 28, 2014 12:09 pm

I found a very useful app for Android (I don't know if it is available for iOS). It is called Pace+
It is pace calculator. With this you can:

-The Pace, if you know the speed and vice versa.
-Give 2 values, calculate the third between Time, Speed, Distance

You give the distance you have ran, the time, and it predicts the time for a given distance. Based on Rigel's formula

Calculate the target and maximum heartrate, the training zomes, the calories burned for a given distance, the BMI

You give the distance you have ran and the time, and it calculates the training paces for easy run, tempo run, VO2 maximum, speed form, long run, Yasso 800's

km to miles, min/km to min/mile, C to F and vice versa

Some of them are aproximately, like the training paces, but it is a good prediction.
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